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One of our generous Contributors donated 2 of these beds and the cats do not want to leave them!  We would love to have more.

A great way to keep your cat always with you (even after they pass away)

After years, ours still look good in our "pet cemetery" 

This teepee is being used outside with an off-the-ground bed for cats to sleep/nap in. It is well made but if you are using outside you may want to cut out the cloth floor and put the corners on pavers to protect the wood.

Our cats love these but will climb on top and squish down, so you made need to fluff them up occasionally.

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This works well for inside play.  Very reasonably priced.

Cats enjoy even more if you sprinkle a little catnip on the base.

Wonderful (we have 6 of these in different colors) and very durable. for inside or out

This is a fun item to put in your kitchen.  See ours in the Senior Center (on camera)