If you are a "Cat Lover" but unable to adopt, you can become a Guardian Angel and help us provide lifetime care for one of our rescued Senior Kitties. It only costs $19/mo.  


As a Guardian Angel you will receive:

*   Personalized Refrigerator Magnet with a picture of your Senior


*   Thank you video from your cat (click here for an example)

*   A Cats Cats Cradle Coffee Mug 


*  24 Hour access to our Web Cameras with a special Login just for our Guardian Angels

Note: You can make this a special gift for a friend or member of your family, please email their name and address to cats.cradle.sanctuary@gmail.com. They will then be considered the Guardian Angel  and receive all the benefits.

To become a Guardian Angel :

1)  See our Seniors (Click Here) and choose which cat you would like to sponsor

2)  Enter the cat's name in the window below.

3)  Click "Subscribe" (you will then be able to securely enter your credit card or your Paypal  account)   

Thank you !!!    (you can cancel at any time!) 

Be a " Guardian Angel "  to one of our Rescued Seniors

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