​​Do you have room in your home and your heart to help a cat with special needs?

Cat’s Cradle Foundation has partnered with shelters throughout Florida in an effort to help save these cats, giving them a second chance.

Each week, dozens of senior cats and cats with medical conditions, who need additional veterinary care, are euthanized in public shelters. So often, they are wonderful cats who end up in the shelter by no fault of their own when their owners die or go to assisted living.

These cats still have plenty of life and love left, but potential adopters either don’t know they are in need, or they hesitate to adopt them because of the potential costs involved.

When a senior cat or a cat with special needs becomes available for adoption, we post its picture and information on our Facebook Page for followers to see and share with their friends. 

If you would like to adopt a cat you have seen, you must act fast - time is of the essence.  Send a note to the email address shown in the post and advise the shelter you would like to adopt one of their cats. (provide the cat's name and id number). 

Once the shelter has confirmed the cat is still available, contact us at cats.cradle.sanctuary@gmail.com and we will make arrangements with the shelter for you to pick up your new friend.

If the shelter is not in your local area, we may be able to arrange for someone to transport the cat to you, at least part of the distance.

We will report all Special Needs adoptions on our website and Facebook Page, celebrating the fact that another special needs cat has been saved! 

Unless the adopter seeks anonymity, we will also share their name and their story as to why they came forward to save this cat.

We hope these stories will inspire others to adopt a Special Needs cat or to become members of the Rescue Angels giving program.

If you need financial help, our “Angel Grant”programissues small “grants” to limited-income individuals (such as those on Social Security) seeking to adopt a special needs cat. You can apply for an Angel Grant right on this website (click here for the Application). Note: Grants are gifts - no repayment is required.

To apply, simply tell us about your financial situation and the home you can provide. Also provide us with the shelter name and location, the name of the cat, and indicate why this is a “special needs” cat.

We will verify the cat’s situation with the shelter and make a determination on your grant application. We will contact you within a week, either way. 

If your application is approved, and the cat has already been placed with you, we will notify you of the grant amount and find out how you would like to receive the grant money. We can provide a check or, if you would prefer, we will send you a gift card of equivalent value with Pet Co.

As an adopter of a Special Needs cat, you automatically become a "Rescue Angel".

Another way you can become a Rescue Angel: subscribe to our "Rescue Angels Giving Program" with a donation of just $15/mo.

Your monthly donation will go to support the “Angel Grant” program. (see description above).

To subscribe to the Rescue Angel program, click on the appropriate payment button below.

As a Rescue Angel, we will create a personalized ceramic tile in your honor. This tile (with your name) will be included in our “Rescue Angel Recognition Plaque” which will be prominently displayed in the Cats Cradle Town Center.​

However you decide to give, know that your generous donation played a part in saving the life of a cat in need. 

Help Special Needs Adoptions - Be a " Rescue Angel "  

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