It costs nothing to view our cameras (day or night) - as often as you like!

You can view our webcams from either your Desktop/Laptop or your Smart Phone.

Desktop/Laptop Viewing:

1)   Enter to go to the webcam website

2)   Click on the red box in upper right "Manage my Devices

3)   Top line enter our email address:

4)   Password line enter: chase99

5)   Move your cursor to the picture of our fish pond and an > will pop up

6)   Click on the arrow

7)   The blue button in the lower right will let you switch between cameras

Smart Phone Viewing:

1)   Find the "zmodo mobile APP" or the "Meshare" app in the Play Store or on Itunes

2)   Click on the Install button

3)   Follow steps 3 and 4 above

4)   Swipe to the left or right to see cameras.

Note: Cameras in rooms will display in black and white when there is not enough light in the room to display in color (a camera restriction)

send us a note to if you have problems.

Tip: turn your phone horizontal to see the full image

Have Fun!

"Cats Cradle Cares"  

‚Äč Viewing Our Webcams