Most Assisted Living Facilities, for the elderly, provide activities designed to keep their residents active, stimulated and involved.  No matter their age or condition, all of our cats can participate in our activities, even as observers.

We also have web cameras online so you will be able to look on as our Seniors enjoy the activities listed below.

Click Here to find out how you can watch live - from your Desktop, Laptop or Smartphone (at no cost to you).

Cats Cradle Activities will begin at 9 am (unless otherwise specified) and last for about an hour. Lookup the location of the activity and the associated camera listed below.

Note: During the Summer, due to the heat,  we eliminate some activities and provide shady areas and an air-conditioned room for their comfort. 

1. "Goats Milk (plain or frothy) Mondays" (Senior Center - Fat Cat Milk Bar)
2. “Treat Tree Tuesdays" (Town Square and Birdhouse Village Park Picnic Tables)
3. ”Feather Chase Wednesdays" (Birdhouse Village Park)
4. “Catnip Fever Thursdays" (“Cine-Bistro Lounge", it’s a “Trip”)
5. "Fish Fridays" a feast of salmon, 
tuna, and oysters (Town Square and Bistro)

Camera Locations:

Aviary and Observation Deck
Sleeping room with jungle gym access (new arrivals stay here for a few days)
Bridge to Aviary
Cine-Bistro Lounge
Senior Center and "Fat Cat Milk Bar"
Town Center Picnic Table

Town Square Aerial
Birdhouse Village Park
Goose Pond
Koi Fish Pond
Birdhouse Village Picnic Table
Jungle Hut and Tropical Rain Forest

​Zen Garden Area

Note: Our Cameras are viewable 24 hours a day with the exception of times when we are performing maintenance or there has been a power outage.

Activities / Events