We have connected multiple circuits together to make a longer circuit (room for more cats to participate).   Be sure to also get the "fireball" below for great night time fun.

We have used this on our Treat Tree Tuesday events in conjunction with The Catit Senses Food Tree below.

This is one of our favorite birdhouses in our Birdhouse Village and is a great deal at this price.

These products (cat toys, cat beds, cat trees) have been used or tested at Cats Cradle 

These tubes are also fun. Enough colors for any decor.  Any size cat can enjoy.

We have one on our activity deck. Lots of fun especially for the younger cats.  We have mounted a cup on the side, about half way up where we put fresh tuna to encourage use.  Laser wands are also a good way to train them to use the wheel.

In addition to our wonderful Sanctuary Seniors, we also have 2 inside Persians.  This a very entertaining product but it does not have auto-shutoff.

This birdhouse is part of our "Birdhouse Village".  You can see it on our webcam.  Very well built and hangs properly.

Great fun if you have multiple cats.  It becomes competitive.  Just make sure they do not knock it over, in their excitement.

We use these colorful tubes as part of our "mouse chase event.  They are sturdy and have held up well to outside elements.

Flashing lights (leds) add to the fun of cashing the ball around the Catit circuit (see above)

This does fit an adult.  I have one and wear on special occasions. What a hoot!

We play this video at least once a week in our "Bistro" room, where we have a flat screen TV.

Visuals of rodents and birds, as well as the audio of critter noises, is excellent.

The laser is strong enough for it to be seen in daylight and the auto-shutoff is great. Simply turn it on, watch the fun, and forget it.