Weddings or Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Basic Information:

  • Times available for the event - event must begin after 2 pm
  • Duration of your event - no more than 2 hours
  • Days available - Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Request a Booking date and time by sending us a note to
  • Fees – we require a $150 deposit to hold the venue for a specific date and time.   The balance due of $200 must be paid prior to the day of the event.  The $150 deposit will be set aside for the support of a specific Senior cat (you select the cat).  The $200 balance will go into the Cats Cradle Operating Fund.

Provided by Cats Cradle at no additional cost:

  • Wedding Music – you choose from what we have available or bring your own on CD.
  • A Restroom / Dressing area (with mirror)
  • A Centerpiece for our 2 tables
  • Stage decorations
  • If this is a Vow Renewal we will provide a Certificate of your Vow Renewal Ceremony (unofficial). If this is a Wedding the Officiant will provide the necessary paperwork.

Provided by the Wedding Party:

  • Officiant to conduct ceremony (If you are renewing your vows you can hire an Officiant or use a family member). Weddings require an ordained Minister or Notary Public)
  • Your pre-written Vows
  • (Optional) Bouquet for the Bride and Boutonniere for Groom
  • Rings (if exchanging)
  • Upon arrival,  you will be making a short walk across our pasture to reach the venue  - you may want to bring an extra pair of casual shoes
  • Photographer (if required) apprise them of the 2 hour time constraint. Also, if you have requested for us to do “live streaming”, the photographer must agree to stay out of our camera views.
  • Treats for the cats (as a reward for being well behaved “guests”)


Facebook Live streaming and a video recording to take home +  $175 (paid at the time you pay the $200 balance)


If you cancel within one week of your booked date, you will forfeit your $150 deposit (which will then go into the Cats Cradle Operating Fund as a donation)


Everyone in the Wedding Party will be required to sign a “Liability Waiver”.  Keep in mind the cats at Cats Cradle are older.  They must be treated with respect and care. If anyone in the wedding party mishandles a cat, they will be asked to leave.  (For this reason, we will not permit any guests younger than 10)


We are not set up to have a traditional “after ceremony reception”.  

However, if you would like to bring a wedding cake and a bottle of your favorite wine, we will provide disposable plates and wine glasses for your use.

For a larger celebration, we suggest making arrangements with your favorite hall, church or restaurant.

Keep in mind we are providing this service and the use of our venue for (animal-loving) couples who are looking for a location where they can have an intimate, scaled-down event. 

Please do not expect lavish amenities.  Your event will be taking place at a Cat Sanctuary (not the Marriott or your Country Club)