Becoming a Founding Sponsor

Would you like to help with the care and keeping of the senior cats of Cats Cradle? Currently, our Guardian Angels program allows individuals (like you) to provide lifetime care for a specific senior cat by contributing just $19/month.

Our Guardian Angels help cover the costs for cat food and basic vet care, but the costs for planned and unplanned maintenance of our facility and unexpected vet bills fall on Terry and me. Of course we know it is not possible for everyone to contribute $19/month in these challenging times. That’s why we created a new way to help. Introducing the Founding Sponsor program. 

For an ongoing donation of just $5 per month, you can become a “Founding Sponsor” of Cats Cradle.

Donations from Founding Sponsors will be used for the care and keeping of our beautiful sanctuary and to help cover the costs when unexpected vet visits are needed. Every Founding Sponsor will be honored with an engraved, ivory-colored brick paver on a walkway in our sanctuary engraved with your name. 

If you appreciate the work we do here at Cats Cradle and you’d like to be a Founding Member, click here and select "Monthly".  

It is our hope that a significant percentage of our followers will join us a Founding Sponsors. The senior cats and all of us here at Cats Cradle appreciate your generosity.