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Our "Seniors for Seniors" Program

It has been proven that loneliness reduces the lifespan of the elderly. With that in mind, we created our "Seniors for Seniors" program. The objective being to place many of our "once loved" pets (now residents of Cats Cradle) as "Companion Pets" for the Elderly.

Although this program was mainly designed for those individuals living in Senior Care/Assisted Living Facilities, anyone who qualifies can participate. 

Our hope is that a Companion Pet will reduce loneliness and allow the caretaker to 

rediscover the joy of sharing their love with one of God's creatures. 

Note: See our "Companion Pets" page to find out more about the attributes that make a Senior Cat a good candidate to participate in this program.

If you would like to receive a short application, or to learn more about this program, please drop us a note on our "Contact Us" page or send an email to cats.cradle.sanctuary@gmail.com