If you would prefer to use GoFundMe:

Click on the button below. On the Donation screen select "Monthly" and enter the cat's name in the comments field. (where it says "Write a Comment")

If you are a "Cat Lover" but unable to adopt, you can become a Guardian Angel and help us provide lifetime care for one of our rescued Senior Kitties*. It only costs $19/mo.  


As a Guardian Angel  you will be provided a personalized brick paver to be

installed in our Zen Garden "Recognition Path"      


Note: You can make this a special gift for a friend or member of your family, please email their name and address to cats.cradle.sanctuary@gmail.com. They will then be considered the Guardian Angel  and receive all the benefits.

Also, as a Guardian Angel, you will be provided exclusive access to our 24/7 webcams. Using your desktop computer or smartphone you can watch what the seniors are up to (day and night) and see us as we care for them and maintain the facility.

To become a Guardian Angel :

See our Seniors (Click Here) and make note of which cat you would like to sponsor (cat name)

Note: Not all our seniors have their photo shown. If you know of a cat that is not shown simply enter their name in the box provided. - We will be adding more photos soon. 

If you would like to use your Paypal Account to set up automatic donations:

1)  Enter the cat's name in the window below.

2)  Click "Subscribe" You must have an existing Paypal account or sign up for one with your credit card.   

Be a " Guardian Angel "  to one of our Rescued Seniors

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