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Cat food (assessment and recommendations)

A.   This is what we have learned about cat food served at shelters and other cat rescue organizations:

  • Many shelters use a specific brand (which may be fine) because it is donated by the manufacturer. The shelter will then recommend that brand to their adopters (and perhaps provide purchase coupons)
  • Other shelters accept donations, from individuals, of a variety of food. They will then mix it all together. Adopters will receive a small supply of this mixture - which they can use as they transition their adopted cat to their choice of food.​
  • To provide better nutrition, many shelters have moved away from dry food altogether. This also enables them to monitor the food intake of individual cats

B.   We also heard from our friends (like you) Owners with one cat, Owners with multiple cats, and those wonderful individuals who are supporting feral colonies.  Your thoughts and preferences were also considered.


Unlike shelters, our cats are inside/outside in our "CatTown" and typically live with us for years. We have found (like us) our senior cats enjoy a variety of food. (rather than the same food every day)

Consequently, for food donations (which we GREATLY APPRECIATE and depend upon) we are recommending a variety of high-quality brands (at different prices). They have many ingredients in common. Also important, they are commonly available (Chewy or Amazon). 

Recommended brands for donation, not in any order: 

  • Natural Balance*  (reasonably priced and comes in 6oz cans)
  • Royal Canin  -  Aging 12+ (very expensive)
  • Purina ProPlan Focus  -  Adults 11+ (moderately-priced)
  • Fancy Feast - (less expensive and they love it)


Do not get the “low-calorie variety” as none of our cats need to lose weight

Any flavor – but the “gravy” based products are best, for the additional moisture they provide - if there is a choice, select the larger cans (for ease of opening)

​For "Treats"

Cats Cradle Wish List - items we constantly need.

Every week (weather permitting) we have "Treat Tree Tuesdays".  We fill up 3 "trees" located on our serving tables with these treats. They will use their paws to get the treats out. (lots of friendly competition)

For those of you that would prefer to help us directly, here is a list of "consumables" we use.

(At check out, have Chewy or Amazon ship directly to us)

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