Retirement / Life Time Care


Remembering Cats Cradle in your estate planning helps ensure a secure future for abandoned or surrendered Senior Cats. Please consider naming Cats Cradle Foundation, LLC. as a beneficiary in your will, life insurance policy, living trust, charitable trust or pension plan.

Our Lifetime Care Program for Your Beloved Senior Cat (must be 12 or older)

Funding the cost of our Lifetime Care program for your Senior cat can be managed in different ways. 

Monthly Payments.  Set up an automatic payment arrangement with PayPal or another financial institution. The monthly fee of $50 will be sent to our Cats Cradle Foundation bank account each month (showing you as the Payee). Or, you can pay one time fee of $2000 (no refund will be made in the event of an unexpected early death). 

Life Insurance.  You may set up a life insurance policy to pay the cost.  If you have a paid-up life insurance policy that is no longer needed for the care of a friend or relative, you could assign the policy to the organization making them the owner and beneficiary of the proceeds.  This would require the approval and cooperation of the organization. 

Will Bequest.  You can use your will to direct the transfer of the cats to the organization together with the money required to fund their care.  Here is a sample phrase: "I give $________ to the Cats Cradle Foundation, LLC to provide life care for my cat, [name], if she/he is alive when I die."

Arrangements on payment must arranged prior surrendering your cat to Cats Cradle.

Once you've enrolled your cat in a program at Cats Cradle, be sure to let your relatives, neighbors and friends know of your plans.  Simply putting the plan in your will is not sufficient — wills are often not read until days or weeks after death — and by then, your cats may have been disposed of in a manner other than you had intended.