"Cats Cradle Cares"  

 Food Delivery Service

We recognize there are many cat Owners, who, upon facing hardships, have difficulty purchasing food for their cat. These devoted companions provide tremendous comfort to their Owners and we understand their Owners do not want to surrender their pet to a shelter. 

​The purpose of our Food Delivery Service program is to provide a monthly food delivery to "homebound" Owners who may be elderly, unemployed, or disabled. 

We primarily purchase food for our "food bank" using contributions from cat lovers. (see our Donation Page). We also solicit bags and cans from local pet food retailers who may be overstocked or have discontinued product.

That being the case, we may not have the exact food your pet is familiar with.


  • Owner must complete the application below and press the "Submit" button.
  • ​Maximum of one cat per household
  • Must reside in Hillsborough County
  • Must be a cat that you own - no feral cats
  • Must be home at time of delivery.  You will be provided a one month food supply (based upon a normal cat's intake)
  • There will be no re-delivery if you miss a scheduled delivery

Note:  The Owner does not have to provide proof of their need for this service. However, we make the final determination on who will be the recipients. 


This arrangement can be terminated by either party, at any time.

Complete the information below and press the "Submit" button at the bottom.