Q.  Can I Surrender my Cat/s to You?

A.   We wish we could accept all the wonderful and deserving Senior cats who need a new home. However, we are at our capacity of 30 and are only accepting older unadoptable cats from Shelters, Veterinarians, and Pet Trusts.  We are no longer accepting cats from Private Parties.

There is no good answer for those individuals who have an immediate need to place their pet, but, if you are planning for the future, we suggest setting up a "Pet Trust" with your local Attorney. It can be done very inexpensively and will give you peace of mind.

Q. Can I Volunteer?

A. We would love some help in maintaining our facility and caring for the cats.  Click here to find out about Volunteering Opportunities 

Q. Can I Visit Cats Cradle?

A. At this point, we are limiting our Visitors to those who have signed up to be a "Guardian Angel".  The next best thing would be for you to log on to our web cameras and follow your favorite Senior.

Q. Can we donate food?

A. While we prefer monetary donations, we do gratefully accept food donations. Contact us to arrange delivery or pick up.


Frequently Asked Questions