These are typical items a Shelter should have. Of course they also need cat litter, cat food and cat toys.

We have several of these to add color to an outdoor area.

We have constant music in our shelter and vary the type of music.  This is one of the CDs they seem to like very much.

Just spread around the ground or make into catnip tea, as we do, and then diffuse thru a humidifier.

Tip - use soon as catnip becomes stale quickly

Grow your own catnip and you can learn how to dry it out and put it in toys or sell. JUst type into youtube search "growing catnip".

Good tips on setting up a Pet Trust. Send this to your Clients who have an aging pet.

We rely on 2 of these wonderful tables
in the Cats Cradle courtyard.  They are holding up beautifully in the weather and easily cleaned every day.

We have used this product when transitioning a new cat that is timid or aggressive.

We have several of these just laying around.  A few of our cats will sleep in one or just use for a little "me time".

Be sure to have A/C in any of your out-buildings.  We have 3 units in our facility.