‚ÄčWhen you arrive, you will take a short ride on the "Kitty Express" to "Cat Town."

Our unique venue will transport our guests to an imaginary western town where our rescued senior cats "rule." 

First, visit our "Longhorn Saloon," where we will "whip up" our guests' favorite coffee or soft drink.

Sit at one of our picnic tables, or on the "Castle Green" to enjoy your beverage, and interact with our sweet rescued senior cats. 

Next, visit our various attractions such as Lake Park, Furball Castle, Shanty Town, the Tiki Bar, or Catopia.

If a guest feels brave, they can entertain the cats and fellow guests by singing to our Karaoke machine!

Guests can also have their pictures taken with our resident cats and, for an additional fee, receive a personalized t-shirt or coffee mug to take home. 

At their option, Guests can have a "live stream" made of their experience (which they can view later on social media.) 

You must make a reservation to visit us.  That can be done at the Visitor Reservations link.


1) Your entrance fee of $20 per person will be treated as a donation to our non-profit to help maintain our facility and save more homeless senior cats.

2) Since the guests will interact with live animals, they must sign a disclaimer. (no children under 12, please)

3) Keep in mind this facility is solely maintained by the 76-year-old Owners, Bruce and Terry Jenkins. (we have no volunteers).

Visit Cats Cradle and Meet our Cats